Patient Testimonials ES

  • El lugar es muy limpio y lo que me gusto es que desinfectan cada aparato que se usó. Muy agradecida con todo el lindo personal. 100% Los recomiendo!


    Susana Munoz

  • “Mi experencia aqui, muy buena, con todo las actividades. Muy contenta con todos los servicios.”

    A. Pomar ES

  • DE LA O

    Al momento de tomar la terapia pude mover poco a poco las piernas a caminar y acostarme a traves de la terapia un gran alivio en la espalda. Ahora puedo hacer mis actividades sin dolor. Me siento muy bien y mejorado. Gracias Alta Vista.

    C. DE LA O ES

  • The staff is amazing, car, loves humor, and very welcoming! Their tenacity is amazing! Aleth serves as a wonderful mentor for those desiring to get there doctorate in PT. The best part of PT was the warm Packs! You will love them! This was my second time coming to Alta Vista; would I go anywhere else – ABSOLUTELY not! You all are the best! Thanks for tolerating me, and Robert!!”


  • “The experience was very pleasant & successful. I know I learned ways to improve my pain. Staff was very important in making my experience a positive one”

    D. Novoa ES

  • Hurtado

    “Gracias por todo!”

    I. Hurtado ES

  • “Before I started PT here I was not able to do anything at the house or elsewhere. I had very limited mobility and close to no strength in my left arm and shoulder. Now I’m able to do normal activities and chores and my strength has increased as well! ”

    J. Fernandez ES

  • I feel like we accomplished a lot with the therapy and generated positive results. I was able to increase mobility in the neck and I’m more flexible than I was from start until now.”

    P. Garza ES

  • “As the weeks went by I felt strength return, to my arm. The edema has gotten better, pain is minimal, and my range of motion is near 100%. I am able to lift more than I used to and have learned different techniques to help my body feel better not just my arm. Keep up the great work, even if I do not return. You have given me great tools to improve my quality of life.”

    L. Guardiola ES

  • I have gotten better since the start of therapy. I can now move my head and neck. I am more coordinated when I walk, with better range of movement in my feet”.

    M. De Ayala ES

  • “Before attending Alta Vista Wellness Center, I found simple tasks difficult to do without pain. After attending all my therapy sessions I have seen an incredibly remarkable change in my abilities. Pain is a far memory. With help from the staff of Alta Vista Wellness Center I found my old self, before the incident. I couldn’t be happier than I am now.

    T. Rodriguez ES

  • «Physical therapy had a big part in my quick recovery»

    M.H. Laredo ES

  • «They help me get back to work pain-free»

    G.R. Hebbronville ES

  • «I commend the staff for providing caring and passionate therapy»

    O.L. Zapata ES