Biomagnetic Therapy Laredo, TX

Biomagnetic Therapy

What is Biomagnetic Therapy?

Biomagnetic therapy is a type of therapy that re-establishes cellular milieu through the use of magnets. When you feel pain, it is usually caused by inflammation that occurs as a result of trauma or stress, which in turn causes cellular dysfunction. A healthy cell has a negative charge, and when the cell becomes inflamed, the charge moves towards a positive state. This response causes a signal to go to your brain to flood the inflamed area with healing negative energy. Biomagnetic therapy assists the body in rapid healing by amplifying the negative energy to quickly reduce pain and inflammation.


In physical therapy, biomagnetic therapy is often used for arthritis pain, headaches, fibromyalgia pain, foot pain and back pain. Today, more and more physical therapists are using biomagnetic therapy for these types of problems, including sports injuries. As a matter of fact, just about 70 percent of all professional athletes use biomagnetic therapy for performance enhancement and pain relief.

Clinical data reveals that there are many benefits.

  • It neutralizes pH and sets an environment negative for pathogens.
  • It corrects intracellular condition.
  • It’s non-invasive, painless and natural with no side effects.
  • Most of all, it targets the root cause of disease or pain instead of just the symptoms.
  • Results are quick. They can be seen in just a few minutes or days.

If you’re experiencing pain due to an illness or injury, it may be a good alternative for you. Be sure to contact us at Alta Vista Wellness Center in Laredo, TX for a free consultation. You’ll meet with a physical therapist who will do a complete physical evaluation and review your medical history. If it is determined that biomagnetic therapy is a good option for you, this type of treatment will be incorporated into your treatment plan. Our goal is to help you live a pain-free life.