Full Spectrum Light Therapy Laredo, TX

Full Spectrum Light Therapy

What is Full Spectrum Light Therapy?

Full spectrum light therapy is a treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with artificial light. SAD is a type of depression that occurs during the change of seasons, but it typically happens in the winter and autumn months due to less sunlight. It can last several months. A person with SAD may feel blue, hopeless, lose appetite and lose interest in doing their regular activities. Its symptoms can range from moderate to severe. If you are being affected by SAD and want to inquire about Full Spectrum Light Therapy at Alta Vista Wellness Center, request an appointment today.

How it Works

During a light therapy session, the person sits near a device known as a light therapy box. The box emits bright light that is the same as natural sunlight. It affects the brain chemicals associated with sleep and mood and eases SAD symptoms. Full spectrum light therapy is also known as phototherapy or bright light therapy.

Research has shown that the benefits of phototherapy include improved mood, improved color perception, improved mental awareness and improved productivity.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy entails various modalities of treatments, including full spectrum light therapy. In addition to those with SAD, it’s not uncommon for patients with chronic or long-term conditions like back pain to feel blue. When you are evaluated by a Laredo, TX physical therapist, they will access both your physical state and mental state. If it is a good option for you, it may be included in your treatment plan. Keep in mind that full spectrum light therapy is a safe and pain-free treatment.

If you’re suffering from a physical condition and aren’t feeling up to par, contact Alta Vista Wellness Center in Laredo, TX to request a free consultation. Our goal is to help you live a pain-free life and feel good, both physically and mentally.